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Overview of Mp3 File Editor

How often do you download a Mp3 file from the Internet only to play it back and find that the song title has been entered wrong, or the file ID3 Tag does not contain the correct artist name? Well, if you are the same as many other Mp3 enthusiasts then this usually happens quite a lot, but how can you correct this information and customize it to a style that suites you? Use Mp3 File Editor!

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Mp3 File Editor is a program that can help and assist the music enthusiast to organize and maintain his or her digital music collection. To find our more about the some of the great and often unique features of Mp3 File Editor Please read on.

Mp3 File Editor supports a whole array of unique features including support for both ID3 Tagging versions, batch editing, re-naming, exporting and even sorting of your Mp3 files based on their tags!


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Mp3 File Editor is a tool that can organize and maintain your music collection.

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