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How to rename your Mp3 files to Title - Artist Mode automatically?

Notice the red box in all figures

1) Add Mp3 File to Editor

i) Click File -> Add File on the Main Menu, or Click Add File on the ToolBars, as Figure 1 shows

Figure 1 File -> Add File

ii) Add all songs you want to rename to Editor.
After adding files, as Figure 2 shows

Figure 2 After adding files


2) Update Mp3 ID3v1 Title and Artist Labels

i) Select the first Mp3 file, as Figure 3 shows

Figure 3 Select the first Mp3 file

ii) Check ID3v1 Label on Mp3 Tag Editor Page, as Figure 4 shows

Figure 4 Check ID3v1 Label

iii) Enter corresponding song name in the Edit Box "Title"

iv) Enter corresponding artist in the Edit Box "Artist", After entering them, as Figure 5 shows

Figure 5 Enter Title and Artist

v) After entering Title and Artist, Please click Update Button, ID3v1 Label of this selected Mp3 file is updated.

In a similar way, You select each Mp3 file on Editor in turn, update their Title and Artist Labels, to ensure that the Title and Artist information of each file is accurate.


3) Check All files you want to rename

i) Click Edit -> Check All on the Main Menu, or click Check All on the ToolBars.

ii) All Check Boxes are checked, as Figure 6 shows

Figure 6 Check All

4) Rename all files

i) Go to File Renamer Page

ii) Setup File Name Mask what you want, such as %2 - %1, as Figure 6 shows

Figure 6 Setup File Name Mask

iii) After setting mask, Click Rename Button, All mp3 files are renamed.



If you want to rename your mp3 files accurately, you must ensure that ID3v1 Title and Artist Labels of each file are not empty, and they are accurate. And then you must ensure that your all files are checked, before click rename button.

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